With OfficeSafe™ You Can:

Customize and Maintain all
Required HIPAA Policies

PCIHIPAA is committed to keeping you updated on the latest in HIPAA policies and procedures. Now with
OfficeSafe™, your easy-to-use compliance portal serves as a central place for all of the latest information. OfficeSafe™
OfficeSafe™ automatically customizes all of your HIPAA policies and procedures.
Your practice can benefit by having a secure, online location for all your HIPAA security and
privacy documents, improving your compliance communication and lessening your risk of a violation.

Take and Store Results of your Mandatory HIPAA
Risk Assessment

HIPAA now makes it mandatory for every practice to take a Risk Assessment. You can take your mandatory Risk
Assessment right inside of OfficeSafe™. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You'll immediately receive your
Risk Score and a 23 page Risk report outlining your practice's key vulnerabilities. After completing the Risk
Assessment, your results will remain stored in OfficeSafe™ for further review and
easy access during the course of the year.

“PCIHIPAA and their OfficeSafe solution has made PCI and HIPAA compliance easy and affordable. I highly recommend their solution to any medical or dental practice that struggles to find the time and resources to navigate all of the regulatory requirements. A home run!”

- Dr. Sclar, Sclar Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry

Train Your Employees with Videos,
Quizzes and Other Resources

Not knowing is not a strong defense against HIPAA violations. OfficeSafe™ now makes it easy to collaborate with
co-workers, train your employees and share best practices related to PCI and HIPAA compliance. Improve
employee education and engagement via quizzes, key links and downloads, and videos. Stay up to date
automatically through OfficeSafe™ and enjoy a better way to help maintain HIPAA compliance and a commitment
to protecting patient information.

Create Emergency and Incident
Response Plans

If you’re ever breached due to an employee error, theft or any other unforeseen emergency, PCIHIPAA will
become your incident response team. And OfficeSafe™ makes it easy to document an Emergency and Incident
Response Plan for your practice. Every user can access OfficeSafe™ and know exactly what to do and who to
contact in case an emergency does occur. OfficeSafe™ helps keep your practice up and running during an emergency.

Generate Customized Business Associate

With the enactment of HIPAA's Omnibus Rule, you must maintain a Business Associate Agreement with
a person or entity (other than a member of the practice), who provides services that involves access
to protected health information. OfficeSafe™ automatically stores all of your Business Associate's
information for you and you can easily send and obtain online acceptance of every Business Associate Agreement.
Getting a Business Associate Agreement signed and stored is only one click away with OfficeSafe™.

"Your team has been a pleasure to work with. The PCIHIPAA team is knowledgeable and always responds to our needs in a timely fashion. PCIHIPAA’s OfficeSafe solution is great, and my practice loves it. I finally feel I have a partner and a reliable resource to lean on for all my PCI and HIPAA compliance issues. We highly recommend this company as a compliance solution provider."

– Ms. Lynda Allbritton, Premier Valley Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

Easily Add Users and Access Account

The importance of maintaining patient security and privacy is the responsibility of every employee in your practice
that may come in contact with PHI. So sharing updated information about HIPAA requirments is critical.
With OfficeSafe™, adding new users is simple, and we don't charge extra for new users to be added to your
compliance program. We make it simple to keep all of your employees informed and educated without additional fees.